Silent Hill 2 - Test Recording - PS2 Fulld HD.

Mass Effect - Part 01 - |Xbox 360|HD|1080P|Eng|

Now the journey goes through time and space in a fight against the rogue Spectre named Saren Arterius who is leading an army of sentient machines, called the Geth, to conquer the galaxy.

AverMedia Live Gamer HD C985

i just godt my hands on a AverMedia Live Gamer HD C985 i have done some testing on my Xbox with it.

here is the unboxing of it.
Console Recorder

Here is the Gameplay with it.

Potatoes, Hollandaise, Vegetables and a ground beef balls

Since I begin working in Netto. I get cheap meat after it is me setting the meat price down when it gets close to getting old. then I'm also the first one that can buy what I want to that price. so I get a lot of cheap meat. but there is some stuff I don't buy like chicken and pig I don't trust that when it gets to last sells date but ox, beef, and veal's I always buy and freeze down I'm not so worry about that getting old.

Black and Blue Dragonfly

i took this photo of the Black and Blue Dragonfly in Skibby denmark not long from where i live.

Black and Blue Dragonfly

2 birds.

i Can't Remember what they are called but i took this photo and CPH Zoo in Denmark.


My Pc Setup.

This is my PC setup it will be change soon when i get the stuff i need.

The Elder Scrolls Online - Part 01 - |PS4|HD|720P|DK|

Joing me in The Elder Scrolls Online when i Stream from my PS4 in a battle in tamriel.

Overlord - Part 03 - |PC|HD|720P|ENG|

Join me in the evil world of overload killing halfling, demons, and elves in a big battle agents the good.

CS:GO - Just playing fir fun


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